Walmart in Brookings South Dakota is selling expired orange juice. I was in Walmart today to buy a gallon of Minute Maid juice (my favorite is the one with pulp). While searching for it along a line of glass coolers, I saw another brand of juice displayed: Florida’s Natural Orange Juice (see picture below). I wasn’t intending to purchase one, but what caught my attention was the expiration date printed clearly on its side — August 2, 2010.

Since I always look at the date when purchasing perishable products, I was shocked that Walmart is displaying the juice, 8 days beyond the expiration. And it was not just one, but many of them inside the cooler!

The juice may still be safe after August 2. But for customer’s safety, I think expired products should be disposed of.

What do you think?

This is what Florida’s Natural Orange Juice looks like.