Delaney Brothers

I am very critical when it comes to music. Blame it to my addiction to almost anything about the art. I am probably one of the few non-Americans who monitor and follow each American Idol episode, check the billboard charts, blog about American songs and new MTVs, and scrutinize every musical guest performance on late night TV shows.

Tonight, I hopped into Cottonwood coffee shop in Brookings, SD for my dose of mocha. I had no intention of staying late. However, my attention was caught by the brothers duo – Evan Delaney and Tristan Delaney – who were performing inside the shop for the annual open-mic event. Both brothers could play the guitar and sing beautifully at the same time. I mean, they do not possess ordinary-sounding voices, but something more of recording-quality that may give pro singers a run for their money. Listen to the blending of their voices and it will make you thirst for some more.

Evan Delaney and Tristan Delaney sound good individually as well. Although Evan Delaney seems to be the vocalist type, Tristan could also make the crowd excited when he hits the light second-voice. The brothers sing their own compositions, which, in my opinion could hit the charts when someone could only manage the duo properly and release their album. For now, according to their Facebook page, they are “self-managed.”

I was able to talk to Tristan Delaney after the show and told them they make good music. I asked for their website and, unfortunately, they do not own one. He referred me to their Facebook page (I even let him spell his family name so I could find it right away). When I visited the page, I found out that we have common friends. What a small world!

The Delaney brothers should keep on singing and share their gift of music to everyone. I believe the duo has something unique that only the blending of their voices could give. Their Facebook description says “to bring skill, beauty, feeling, respect, reality and authenticity back to ‘mainstream’ music” — well, they really do.

Visit their Facebook page, watch their videos and be a fan!