I am the kind of reader who does not stick to just one type of book. I may be a fiction lover, but I also have a collection of self-help, inspirational, and religious books. “The Vertical Self” by Mark Sayers that I just finished reading, will stay on top of the pile for 1.) making me discover a new way of living the faith and 2.) having a nice study guide at the end of the book.

Will you wallow in your own worldly desires or step into a journey of God-filled life? This is what “The Vertical Self” tries to tell the readers. There is a horizontal self that people usually give importance to. This is the selfish side of man. And there is a vertical self too, the holy side that people often neglect.

I highly recommend the book. It is easy to read. It also confronts us of the reality of our identity.

You can check out the discounted “The Vertical Self” by Mark Sayers at Amazon store: The Vertical Self: How Biblical Faith Can Help Us Discover Who We Are in An Age of Self Obsession.