Ex-Governor Sarah Palin needs to examine her mental capacity. Really. She used to be a governor, but how in the hell she does not even know the meaning of the word ‘retard’ or ‘retarded’?

So when Rush Limbaugh used the word ‘retarded’ it was okay for Sarah Palin, even if Limbaugh intended to hit someone.

When Rahm Emanuel used the word ‘retarded’, Sarah Palin was outraged and went facebooking, asking Obama to fire Rahm.

Now let us come up with possible answers if ever Palin is asked about her being double standard.

1. “I am a retard, and only retards can understand retards, just like I understand Rush Limbaugh.”

2. “I love the word retard, that’s the reason why I call Trig my retarded baby.”

3. “If you buy my book, 90 percent of the words are synonymous to retard.”

4. “Was my quitting the position as governor a retard decision?”

5. “Only retards follow me.”

Now add your reasons below.