Mediacom Internet Service sucks! It was just few months ago when I complained about the sudden interruption of Mediacom’s Cable TV service without any notice. Today, it is Mediacom’s Internet Service that has completely malfunctioned!

According to Mediacom, network problems are responsible for a widespread loss of internet service that began Tuesday night and continue Thursday. The company said that the loss of internet service is not related to the ice storm. Mediacom further said that their network engineers are still troubleshooting the cause of the outage.

What the heck Mediacom! I have lost few hundred dollars of earnings because of your below standard, intermittent internet connectivity. Should you refund me for those days that you did not provide my home any service? What about the income that I should have earned in those days that I don’t have the connection? Will you pay me for that? Because I tell you, I pay my bills without fail. Not getting what I paid for boils my blood!

Is this customer service for you? My gully Mediacom!