How to download Facebook videos? There are many options that you will probably read online when you search these keywords “download Facebook videos.” I used to use free video online downloader sites, where you have to specify the URL of the video – YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. – and the site will convert the video for you to a format you want, like mp4, mp3, flv. No software needed for conversion. However, Facebook is prohibiting the download sites lately. Facebook is changing its system to disallow download of videos.

What about if you have a video on Facebook and you want to have a copy because you lost the original one? Then that is a problem. Some sites suggest you download Firefox add-ons such as “Greasemonkey” or “Facebookvideo”. It worked before, but not now.

So if you cannot make use of a web service to download Facebook videos, not even use a web browser add-ons, then the best way is to use software programs.

Here are few steps to download Facebook videos:

Step 1: Download and install Streaming Video Recorder to your computer if you don’t have one.

Step 2: Once installed, run the Streaming Video Recorder, in other words, open it. Click “Settings” to set up the location of where you want to save the downloaded and converted videos.

Step 3: Log-in to and play the Facebook video you want to download. The moment the video plays, the Facebook video downloader will detect it automatically and start the downloading process.

Step 4: After downloading, preview the downloaded videos by click “Play” button or double-click the downloaded video open a new window and play it.

– This also works for YouTube and MySpace videos.
– Don’t download copyrighted videos.

That’s it. Enjoy!