There is this poster who leaves comments on my every post every day, without a miss, for months now. The poster carries the name bathmateus; sometimes it’s bath mateus.

I love comments. But not coming from this bathmateus, who obviously just spamming my blog entries and promoting his website. I visited one time the link that always comes with his spam comments and I was directed to a site about solution to erectile dysfunction.

Here are samples of his comments:

That’s looks so nice your posting. Everything looks good in your posting. That will be necessary for all. Thanks for your posting – Bathmate

It is a good posting. I like it. It’s pretty much impressive – Bathmate

wow this is outstanding comment for posting, thank you – Bathmate

These comments were posted on entries that were even unrelated to what he is commenting about. This one “wow this is outstanding comment for posting, thank you” was commented on my blog entry about death! The relation of the entry to his/her comment is nil — a clear spamming strategy!

Too bad for whoever is posting spam comments to my blog, because all the comments were never approved. Thanks to comment moderation!

To Bathmateus, you just labeled your site a spam site. One more thing, I think your Bathmate is a scam.