There are few TV hosts who I find either annoying or unpleasant to the eye on TV. They may be knowledgeable and good at what they do, but their facial expressions and sometimes actions they perform while hosting their shows just do not fit my taste.

Tony Harris, CNN News Anchor – He frowns all the time. He makes unnecessary grins during interviews with his guests.
CNN Autocnn-harrisharris2CNN_harris

Larry King, CNN – He may be a legend, but he needs to retire. I am tired of his one-liner questions that are sometimes out of this world.
Larry King3larry-king4larry-king1larryking2

Glenn Beck, Fox News – The guy should go back to college and finish his degree. Maybe when he gets one, he’d be able to come up with cohesive thoughts.
glennbeck2beck-glenn1beck 3beck4

Al Roker, NBC – This weatherman can be funny sometimes. But he should stay as a weatherman. Whenever the Today Show assigns him to interview a guest, he messes things up.

Martha Stewart – At first I thought the lady was friendly. But after I saw how arrogant she was when she guested at Rachael Ray Show, I lost my admiration. I think this lady does not know how to appreciate new and younger talents.

Jon Stewart, Comedy Central – Among late night talk show hosts, Jon Stewart is the one who’s very knowledgeable on politics. He can be funny, but not when he makes faces and acts like a retard. He cannot be like Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon, who both can make people laugh even if they don’t utter a word.
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