Step aside Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, Sen. Manuel Villar, former President Joseph Estrada, Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, and any other known presidential aspirants for the May 2010 Elections. We need to know the other presidential hopefuls whose aspiration is to become famous, I mean, to become the 15th president of the Philippines.

Who among them will succeed Pres. Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Check out the list below, as these people have already filed their certificates of candidacy (COCs). From a masseuse, to a taxi driver, to a computer programmer — who says the highest position of the land is only for the rich and famous?

– Rigoberto Madera Jr., 61, teacher-preacher
– Gilbert Garcia, 40, a quantum physics instructor
– Wendell Lope, 34, taxi driver
– Vicente Fabella, 46, businessman
– Josefina Murillo, 56, masseuse
– Peter Pelegrino, 70, retired teacher
– Carmelo Carreon, 63, licensed insurance agent
– Oliver Lozano, 69, lawyer and known Marcos loyalist
– Vetallano Acosta, 52, financial consultant
– Daniel Magtira, 49, barangay chairman
– Ernesto Balita, 64, retired teacher
– Sultan Min Bilad Villaflor, 52, who calls himself an “estigramist”
– Eduardo Fernandez, 58, businessman
– Noel Aguire, 46, inventor and computer programmer
– Valeriano Reloj, 48, lawyer
– John Carlos delos Reyes, 39, an Olongapo City councilor and standard-bearer of lay group Ang Kapatiran Party
– Enrique Sadiosa, 46, businessman
– Maria Magdalena Apura, 81, religious missionary
– Simeon Paz Jr. 69, preacher
– Marcelino Donato Bhen Navarro, 52, inventor and herbalist
– David Alimorong, 70, retired soldier
– Gregorio Samia, 61
– Nancy Megio, 44, housewife
– Orlando Abitona, 71
– Jose Voltaire Manaois, 60, mining engineer
– Rafael Clarete, 57, businessman
– Roberto Santisidad, 53

Who will you pick for your vote?