From popular news sites to blogs, people are writing about the Carrie Prejean sextape video. Is there really a Carrie Prejean sextape video that is free for download online? The answer, NO! It is not out there. Not on the net!

I am writing this because if you try searching for the video using the keywords “Carrie Prejean sextape video,” you will end up with Google results showing links directed to virus-infected sites. There are many of them. Please be aware that once your PC is infected with the virus or malware, it is very likely that your personal information could be stolen and used by the phishers.

I suggest you stop searching for the video. Carrie Prejean sextape video has not landed online or never been leaked (yet). One more thing, get your PC a good anti-virus software, just in case.
Who is Carrie Prejean? She is the dethroned Miss California USA who became controversial when she said during the Miss USA contest that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.