I always make it a point to donate my old (and sometimes new) clothes to the Goodwill store. Goodwill is a thrift shop with a collection of all things used and cheap. Goodwill Store in Brookings, SD is located beside the Dollar store.

I have this vanity for clothes. Whenever I go shopping, which happens very often, I never fail to buy a shirt or two. And that must be paired with new jeans or pants. Just a couple of weeks ago, I spent too much on winter clothes that sometimes I think it is excessive. But I never regret buying things for myself. If, for some reasons, I decide not to wear them anymore, I always share them to the needy. The two bags I donated today at the Goodwill store included T-shirts, sweat shirts, long and short pants, and even new coats that I bought 2 months ago but were unused.

It was my second trip to the store for this year alone. I already donated a bag of shoes early this year. Why do I keep on donating? Because it is the best thing to do for things that stay idle in my closet for months. It is satisfying to know that someone out there would benefit from my used and new clothes. I used to do this when I was still in the Philippines and there is no reason not to do it here in the U.S.

As much as I love the idea of having a thrift store, there are things that I dislike about Goodwill. Alright, people shop there to save a few bucks. A shirt that would cost around $20 in a regular shop is only $3 in Goodwill. A pair of pants is only about $4. Even couches are too cheap not to take a glance at. Girls’, boys’, women’s, men’s clothing displays are too tempting not to buy. The very first time I was in Goodwill, I bought three hard-bound fiction books for $0.50 each. They were the best book deals ever!

Goodwill could have been better than Walmart if not for its crappy stuff that sometimes could trick shoppers. Maybe this is not true for other Goodwill stores nationwide. But in Brookings, SD, the shop is selling electronic devices that won’t work, most appliances have missing parts, clothes that are old-fashioned, and furniture with loose screws. But all these are expected in a second-hand shop. To not become a victim of a non-working device, make sure you test the device in store or check every component if it’s there.

The clothes sold at Goodwill store are a bit smelly. They must have been stored for so long inside boxes that traveled the oceans from China or some other Asian countries. There are also a danger that Goodwill stores pose to public health and safety. The fact that you do not know where the clothes came from or who previously used them is something one should worry about.

Goodwill stores exist for a reason. These type of shops exist because they are needed. Not everyone could afford a trip to the big malls or expensive shops. So if anyone of you has usable things to share, donate them at Goodwill and help others. That is what Goodwill’s name is all about.

Goodwill Store in Brookings, South Dakota
Address: 625 Main Avenue Brookings SD 57006 USA
Web: http://www.goodwill.org
Telephone No. (605) 692-2085