For young and old alike, the best place to visit in Bronx, New York is the Bronx Zoo. Spacious, lots of tree cover, well-kept, and clean, there are no nasty old-style animal enclosures. If you visit with kids, you may need a day to see everything. In between exhibits are lots of gorgeous landscaping and the diversity of animals is unlike anything I have seen at other zoos.

Bronx Zoo

The ape section is a highlight with it’s walk-through tunnel allowing a close and safe interaction between visitors and the animals.

Bronx Zoo

The animals are outside in their own habitat.



Bronx Zoo is like walking through a portal, you forget that you are still in the Bronx.

Bronx Zoo

Well-designed and is highly immersive.

Bronx Zoo


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For more info of the visiting hours, see the official website.